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  • Looking for emergency electrician in Chatham? Service Pro can offer 24 hour emergency services in Medway and surrounding area. 

  • We are fully qualified and insured, our professional service is designed to meet your health and safety needs at affordable prices, whilst keeping your business running smoothly.

    Testing is carried out in accordance IEE Code of Practice supplying detailed asset lists at no extra charge and free minor repairs and retests.
    We test from one to thousands of electrical appliances, for London offices, monitoring schools, care homes, student houses, landlords certificates for homes, restaurants, night clubs, pubs etc. Electrical equipment such as laptops, pcs, monitors, printers, extension leads, washing machines, refrigerators, microwave cookers, kettles etc. all need to be checked.

    We can carry out Pat Testing at short notice, so whatever your needs, call us for the best Portable Appliance Test in London.

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